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Interview with The Guardian

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Youth Equality Centre Radio

Formerly known as eSRHR Radio, Youth Equality Radio is a Youth led and Youth focused nonprofit online media an initiative of the Youth Equality Centre (YEC) that offers information on a range of issues affecting young people. Youth Equality Radio also prepares diverse Youth for the 21st-century digital workplace by offering students hands-on education, leadership and employment in journalism, arts, and technology, as well as access to support services like academic advising, Leadership and Sexual reproductive Health care information and services. Partnering with mass communication students, Young media professionals, activists and bloggers, students learn to produce content shared with thousands, elevating youth perspectives on the most important issues we face.
Through our proven model, young people are transformed into career-ready young adults. In the process, their storytelling profoundly transforms the thinking of thousands of people who engage with and are inspired by a youth perspective for the first time.
We strive for a society in which young people across the country are driving conversations that lead to new solutions for long-standing social problems and obstacles to a healthy national future.
Whether you are an aspiring writer or artist, or someone who believes that every youth deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard, we want you to become part the Youth Equality Radio story.
Visit our radio website e-SRHR




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