Flavia Kalule


Flavia Kalule A Professional teacher, motivational speaker, human rights defender and advocate for women and youth, feminist, politician, transformative leader Flavia has vast experience in effective women’s participation in human rights, girl child empowerment, leadership, gender, gender budgeting, governance, effective legislative engagement, feminism and community development work. Vivacious, social, charismatic, brilliant and an excellent communicator, Flavia displays a strength of character.

She has membership with the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI, RLC, East Africa) alumnus, The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa Country Deputy Ambassador, Uganda among others. In the recent general elections in Uganda, Flavia was an Independent Parliamentary candidate for the position of Woman MP, Mubende District; 2016 a seat that attracted a number of candidates coming number second. Presently, Flavia Works with the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), a national women ’s rights non – partisan Non-Governmental Organization born out of the Gender Working Group of the Uganda Constituent Assembly 1994 – 1995, which has strategically positioned itself as a champion for women’s rights protection, participation in political decision making and engaging in issues of macroeconomic governance such as Gender Responsive Budgeting, as a Program Officer under the Women and Leadership Program, whose main goal is having more women participating effectively in governance. 

Before joining FOEODE, Flavia Worked at Namilyango College, one of the oldest Secondary schools in Uganda for four years as a teacher. She is Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Rights specializing in women’s right to political participation from Makerere University and she Holds a Bachelors Degree of Arts with Education from Makerere University (English Language Studies and Literature in English).


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