Sandra Nassali



Sandra is the Team Leader at the Sanshine Communications Ltd, a media and communications consultancy firm as the Principal Consultant/ Team Leader. She is a highly effective manager, strategic marketer and communications specialist. Being a business owner, she brings commercial savvy to any role and the ability to drive and develop businesses. She is highly creative and thrives on developing ideas that cut through the clutter.  Before joining Sanshine on a full time basis, she worked with Digital Opportunity Trust - a leading international social enterprise headquartered in Ottawa, Canada as their strategic communications personnel here in Uganda. And as the Public Relations & Communications Officer of Action for Development, a highly successful national women’s NGO, Sandra developed the brand strategy for the organization that helped to reposition it, and enhance its visibility arm between the years of 2010 - 2012. Earlier in her career, she worked with Foundation (IDRC) as the Online Regional Community Coordinator [Anglophone Africa], and Great Lakes Media Ltd as the Media Relations Officer. She has also been privileged to volunteer with other organizations like TakingITGlobal, World Pulse, and Voice of America (VOA). In her private works, Sandra works closely with various business partners to deliver professional communication integrated solutions to better their business. She holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication from Makerere University, and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Development Journalism and Communication.


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